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Jack Frost

left your windows sliver white.

its heartbreak warfare

playtime for the young and rich

kristen stewart, rob pattinson, vampire diaries is my new love, paul wesley,ian somerhalder, glee and the cast, alex gaskarth, gabe saprota, pete wentz, all time low, cobra starship, FTSK, chris pine is my superhero, ed westwick, leighton meester,blake lively, selena gomez,alexis bledel, lauren graham, kellan lutz, lily allen, taylor momsen, katy perry, lindsay lohan, penn badgley, jackson rathbone, taylor lautner, taylor swift, jessica szohr, laurn conrad, lady gaga, photography, music, movies, novels, nylon magazine, teen vouge, seventeen, twilight saga & movies, mean girls, the other boylen girl, design, fashion, pictures, skinny jeans, converse, sunglasses, perfume, gilmore girls, 90210, the hills, gossip girl, the beautiful life, laughing, accents, traveling, starbucks, summer, shorts, flip flops, ocean, boardwalk, amusment parks, new york, california, painting, drawing, notebooks, writing stories, acting, singing, birthdays, art, boxers, britney spears, mtv, music videos, fruits, hollywood glamour, best friends, lj, bike rides, basketball, soical studies, dancing, late nights, mac 'n' cheese, texting, dressing up, make-up, ipod, concerts, broadway shows, jewelry, vampire stories, side bangs, sleepovers, fashion shows, love at first sight, posters, radio, color pencils, under garments, sharpies, photographers, muscians, jane austen, urban outfitters, delias, h&m, a&f, american eagle, peace.

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